Variability and undemanding character for space

Due to the one™ you do not need to seek a compromise between the luxury and practicality.

Try it also another way – MLT® one™

The advanced technology, elegant timeless lines of the kiosk and presentation stand, their perfect processing and combination of high-grade materials, tablets with the logo of your casino company, coherence of each function and detail, all create a perfect and unique whole that allows you to address a completely new circle of players, especially from the emerging new gaming generation.

New trends cannot be ignored – MLT® one™ - you have the chance to stay in game…

Individuality and exceptionality

The aluminium, metal-plated or lacquered frame in any shade, hand carved mahogany stand of kiosk or chassis in many ranges of decoration of high-grade or exotic timber, marbles, granite, onyx, cut glass or any other suitable material and - the one™ will perfectly adapt to any of your needs, ideas, wishes, possibilities or moods.