one™ represents a brand new way and conception of operations of the on-line lottery and betting gaming facilities.

The one™ system is capable to attract for you new clientele not only because it can be operated and offered at brand new locations and in a new way, but also for its discretion, variability, elegance and style. None of your respected guests can be socially discredited for gaming with the one™ …

The substance of the MLT® one™ system is variability,

the minimum spatial demand for game with a wide and almost unlimited range of games. You will no longer need a spacious single-purpose room for the establishment of a sophisticated and elegant gaming segment in your sport bar, club or hotel but you will only require just one square meter!

10, 20, 30 or more of the AWPs or VLTs, electronic roulette or other large gaming facilities will now fully valuably balance/replace the one™ - mobile lottery terminal™ gaming system.

The elegant one™ tablets with the perfect 10,1“display,

will become popular by responsive graphics and intuitive control not only among younger emerging generation of players. Gaming with the one™ is becoming simple, natural and elegant..

The MLT® one™ is due to its interconnection with external monitors, capable to replace single-purpose facilities as are the electronic roulette and electronic card tables which are occupying valuable floor area in times of no activity.


3D roulette and Sic Bo

Part of the MLT® one™ system delivery is the 3D roulette and Sic Bo whose graphic design and visual effects completely overshadow similar products.