The MLT® one™ system - VLT TABLETS

The MLT® one™ system consists of the kiosk – central control unit with acceptors, presentation stand and an almost unlimited number of on-line connected tablets.

New trends cannot be ignored

The MLT® one™ system consists of the kiosk – central control unit with acceptors, presentation stand and an almost unlimited number of on-line connected tablets.

Other parts – TV wall, locating system or control service modules are delivered as recommended supplementary facilities, enhancing gaming as well as servicing comfort.

Tablets one™

from our own Multiloteri s.r.o. production are adapted exclusively for using the MLT® one™ system and it is possible to equip them with company logos or colour combinations according to individual requirements.

Proven shape, firm metal frame, resistant touch 10,1“display, quality processing and materials will not allow any doubts, that we stick to proven higher standards of todays popular technology of tablets.

The one™ system advantages

  • Inovative solutions
  • Patent system
  • Fully self-servicing and assisted operation
  • Flexibile space for game 
  • Tablets with the locating and NFC chip
  • Exclusive kiosk (central control unit with acceptors, touch display, printer, coupon scanner and NFC chip)
  • Elegant charging / presentation stand
  • Intuitive user’s menu
  • Sophisticated service menu
  • Security and locating system with the ON/OFF game function
  • On-line monitoring
  • Personal centralised message report
  • NFC identification of players and croupiers (for tablets, kiosk and controlling centre too)
  • Real time change tablet system - an option to change your tablet during the game

The MLT® one™ system

represents a compact, flexible and sophisticated unit that creates a completely new gaming segment for its installation you only need one square meter but the gaming space is almost unlimited.

Management of tablets in real time,

their registration including all of the necessary information such as the actual battery status, level of credit, period of operation, history of all the games and transactions, is assured by a highly sophisticated service menu. The on-line monitoring of the entire system and back up of all of the data on server ensure maximum operation security and efficiency.

Location of the individual tablet

is ensured by a reliable locating system that can be delivered on request including the application of 2D or 3D visualisation of the client’s premises.

The locating system allows sophisticated control on the one™ tablets motion with complete accuracy. Furthermore the integrated chip also reliably detects unadequate vibrations of the individual tablets and levels of unauthorized departure from the defined premises.

Due to this function, it is possible to locate the individual players and as such provide them with perfect comfort during the game.

The elegant stands

serve for recharging of batteries as well as for their presentation. The simple and reliable system of the dockstations allows players easy manipulation and perfect overview.

To set up credits on the individual one™ tablets

from the players position it serves the central external acceptor of payments – one ™ kiosk. Furthermore it is possible to insert credit through the operator module (PC All in 1), that is serviced by the casino, bar or reception staff. Servicing staff can also set the credit directly on one™ tablets via NFC / RFID chip. Furthermore the function of these chips is also used for identification of players, downloading or depositing bonus credits and premium points directly from the position of the players themselves.

The intuitive grouping of the opening one™ tablets lobby offers the player a perfect overview in gaming offerings.

The user tablet menu allows each player an individual set up; interim tablet locking; user guide and instructions for games; access to the pre-set web sites, applications and notifications; an option of the Club registration and following login via the RFID or calling the croupier or bartender.