Mobile lottery terminal MLT® one™

Gamble on your own

The patented gaming system developed for sport bars, clubs, holiday cruises, trains, hotel resorts …
The sophisticated SBG technology allows gaming on tablets

The MLT® one™ central control unit with acceptors, touch display, printer, coupon scanner and NFC chip

The presentation and recharging stand for gaming consoles MLT® one™ tablets.  (VLT TABLETS)

The MLT® one™ tablets of our own Multiloteri s.r.o. production with integrated locating NFC chip


We ignored all the established standards of the gaming industry and created an absolutely new gaming segment.

one ™ is the missing and necessary link between traditional slots and e-casinos.


one™ is already from the first sight surely an exceptional product. The precision and elaboration of each and every detail creates the unique whole that defies any comparison.

The perfect processing, due selection and combination of materials of the highest quality give one™ an exceptionally exclusive look and provide the entire system with individuality and rarity.

one™ will take up its sovereign place in your interior, will offer your customers an imposing gaming experience and allow them to discover new space for gaming.


one™ will perfectly adapt to any of your individual needs, wishes or requirements.

The aluminium, metal-plated or lacquered frame of the kiosk, hand carved mahogany stand and chassis in many ranges of decoration of high-grade timber, marbles, cut glass... and an elegant presentation stand with especially adjusted tablets, will leave no doubts that the one™ system evokes to changes and predetermines a great future for the gaming industry.


one™ is a unique product with maximum gaming content and minimum special demands.

Take control over new space for gaming with the one™ and have it under control by its perfect locating system. If you wish to multiply utilization percentages of your casino, gaming club, coffee, sport bar, hotel floor area...we have a simple solution - the MLT® one™ - the perfect space solution.

Video - MLT® oneTM

the answer to current trends – materialization of wishes, needs and necessity.
one™ brings change and nonconventional solutions  balanced by timeless
appearance, exclusiveness and performance.

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