3D interactive roulette 

3D roulette in Full HD quality allows a realistic and spectacular experience from gaming, it offers more than 400 spin animations, also many detailed and attractive throw sequences.

The 3D interactive roulette in Full HD quality

allows a realistic and majestic experience from gaming. It is delivered as part of the MLT one™ system and offers more than 400 animations of “fallen” numbers and many detailed attractive sequences of throws. It belongs to the absolute top in the area of interactive gambling games due to its visual quality, elaboration of each detail and original look.

The player has available on tablet visualisation of the classic “screen” as well as race tracks. Furthermore there is available well structured tables of statistics, user’s setting up, guide and function for calling for a croupier within the menu.


The MLT® one™ connected with the external monitors allows integration of games with the common animation like Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Black Jack, Baccarat, Texas hold´em Poker, Bingo …

The MLT one™ system

The MLT one™ system allows players to follow the individual spins of roulette on their own tablet as well as on an external TV wall thereby the roulette game becomes even more attractive and amusing. Monitoring of the roulette spin animations on a tablet assures player comfort and discretion – also the TV wall allows the perfect view and social atmosphere of casino.

The comparably lower acquisition costs are another advantage which makes the MLT® one™ more than a multiplayer gaming facility.