Games from Play'n GO

The MLT® one™ system offers proven and very high quality games from the prestige Swedish supplier of Play´n GO.

Games from Play'n GO

The Play´nGO with the head office in Sweden - Växjö has more than 16 years experience in the area of the gaming industry.The perfectly coordinated team of specialists creates unique gaming products and permanently maintains the highest quality levels. Due to their combination of wide experience, use of up-to-date technologies and perfect processing of its games, the Play´n GO rightly belongs among the world of the leading edge gaming industry.

The games from e-gaming

now part of the MLT® one™ system gaming offer. The e-gaming games belong, without any doubt, to the most successful games in the Czech VLT market.

The MLT® one™ system however, manages to traverse across them by new and, in a far more elegant way than currently exists by classic slots. Players therefore can experience their favourite games in comfort, discreetly and at places, which in the past, were forbidden for gaming. 

Each player has a choice now

If we compare (we will for sure find similarities here) a classic gaming room to fast food, then the elegance of the MLT® one™ is rather more similar to a cocktail bar …. This begs the question – where would you prefer to savour your favourite drink ...?