The Multiloteri Company (a member of the Bonver Group) specialises in the development and production of gaming systems for the lottery and gaming industry.  

Long term monitoring of the gaming industry development and needs, resulted in a number of innovative solutions that now provided the Multiloteri Comp. with an unwavering position in this sector. 

The Multiloteri s.r.o. has already introduced the innovative MLT® project - Mobile Lottery Terminal ™ in 2010 and is now launching its first model line in the market with the one™ product labelling. The time taken has been dedicated to difficult but also very sound development and marketing of the MLT®one™ system and its registration with the patent authorities in number of countries.

Our staff have for many years been dealing with the area of gaming facilities operations, psychology and needs of players so as to be capable, in due time, to respond to any important suggestions. The fundamental aim of our company is therefore to offer all our customers and business partners sophisticated, high-quality and perfectly processed gaming facilities, that will help them keep abreast of forthcoming technologies and trends.

We offer a very wide range of the MLT® one™ system modifications, but we are also capable of further adopting our products to the individual requirements of each client. We will produce and deliver, based on the particular assignments or pure wishes of our Clients. The MLT® one™ system is absolutely original and its individual design will fulfil even the most demanding requirements and criteria of each client. 

The MLT® project

It has won already, from the very beginning, the deserved attention from the professional public, which perceives it as the missing and necessary link, between the classic slots and internet casinos. In connection with today’s global accession of tablets our initial intention becomes even more powerful, meaningful, understood and necessary.